Teen Interventions and now providing Transportation Services to and from Drug Rehab

Today’s teenagers and the problems they face

The lives of some teenagers today are embroiled in the challenges and issues that they face everyday whether at home or out in society.  Peer pressure is everywhere and is a very powerful influence.  As a result of the challenges that they face and the peer pressure that they encounter, it’s no wonder why so many teens today have developed behavioral and substance abuse problems.  Here at familyintervention.us, we have programs that will provide the needed treatment for your teen if they have developed a substance abuse problem.

The warning signs to be aware of

Parents have the responsibility of monitoring their teenage children in order to discover if a problem does exist.  Here are a few questions that you should consider answering:

  • Do you feel as though you have lost control over your teenager?
  • Do you think that maybe your teenager is exhibiting behavioral problems or experiencing serious emotional issues?
  • Do you suspect that your teenager may be experimenting with drugs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, or a combination of them, chances are there is a problem at hand and it is time to take control and get your teenager some help.  A family intervention may be necessary so don’t overlook the possibility of having to do that.

We’re here to help you and your teenager

Not only does familyintervention.us have one of the best intervention service, but we also provide referrals to rehab programs for teenagers who have an alcohol or drug addiction, we also provide other services in the process.  One of those services is the transportation of your teenager to our rehab facility.  We offer several different transportation options so that you can be assured that your teenager will keep maintaining their progress.  Additionally, familyintervention.us not only provides professional transportation for teens to rehab facilities, but will also escort them home if necessary once they have completed their program.

We also can help with directing your teen to out-patient services as well as assist in finding local 12 step meeting for them to continue their recovery.